2017 Phil Cross Frisco Chopper



Moto Talbott features some near-perfect examples of historic motorcycles—but we also have bikes that are just, well, cool. Phil Cross and museum founder Robb Talbott began talking about a 1960s “Frisco” chopper three years ago, and it’s now come to fruition and is on display. These motorcycles were mostly built by independent outlaw motorcycle clubs. Phil has a long history with the bikes, founding the Nightriders, the San Jose Gypsy Jokers, and finally becoming an active member of the Hells Angels, with whom he’s been riding for 48 years. Phil started riding these stripped-down bikes when they had four speeds, then five,

then six. This example is fast, powered by an 1800 cc RevTech panhead twin with six speeds. It has the classic, smaller Bates-style headlight, forward controls, solo seat with pillion pad, raked front end, high bars, and flame paint. “Riding this bike around Monterey County took me back to the days of the hard-riding, rigid-frame bikes created for long-distance freeway riding,” says Robb. “To me, it’s a beautiful artisan-built chopper, which speaks to the past and the present. We’re thrilled to display it in our museum.”