A pioneer of motorcycling, Edoardo Bianchi's firm began in Milan and built motorcycles from 1897 to 1967. His first motorized bicycle in appeared in 1897. In 1910 Bianchi built a 498 cc single that was very successful and established the Bianchi motorcycle name. In 1916 a 650 cc V-twin was made, and was enlarged to 741 cc in 1920. In 1921 a smaller 598 cc V-twin, and a new 498 cc single with all chain drive was released. After World War II Bianchi produced 123 cc and 248 cc ohc single racers, and in the late 1950s released new 248 cc and 348 cc dohc twins, designed by Colombo and Lino Tonti. Bianchi production motorcycles included 49, the 75 Gardena, 122 and 173cc two strokes, the 4-stroke 125cc Bianchi Bernina LV, and the Bianchi Tonale. In 1961, Bob McIntyre rode a Bianchi 350 cc in the Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championships. Motorcycle production ceased in 1967.