The origin of the Bultaco motorcycle company dates back to May 1958. Francesc "Paco" Bultó was a director of the Montesa. After several years of steady growth followed by a downturn in the Spanish economy Bultó decided to leave Montesa to concentrate on his other business interests. On March 24, 1959 Bultaco held a press day and launched its first bike, the road-going 125cc Bultaco Tralla 101, named after the Spanish word for whiplash. Just two months later Bultaco entered its first Spanish Grand Prix taking seven of the first ten places. Bultaco motorcycles were mainly powered by single-cylinder, air cooled, two stroke engines. Built in Barcelona, Spain, Bultaco motorcycles were exported throughout the world, but their largest market ultimately became the USA. Due to industrial unrest and market pressures, Bultaco production closed in 1979. Legend has it that Mr. Bultó asked to be buried "with his Bultaco t-shirt and his moustache properly waxed."