Ceccato was an Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1947 by a former pharmacist, Pietro Ceccato in Vicenca. He knew racing was a way to increase sales so he needed a winner. In 1953, Ceccato built the first of Fabio Taglioni's engines to be realized, a 75cc OHC single designed with the help of Taglioni's Technical Institute students. 1956 turned out to be the banner year, but Pietro never got to see it. A few days after the new year had started he died suddenly of a heart attack. The company was taken over by another family member that did not change the course set out by Pietro. Vittorio Zito won the Milan Taranto race in the 75cc class. From the 32 bikes that started only 17 reached the final finish; 12 Ceccatos from which 'only' 9 finished within the first 10 bikes because Laverda got hold of the 4th position.Also that year, Orlando Ghiro finished first in the Moto Giro after winning all stages. The company was active in motorcycles until 1961 when production ended.