After World War II, CZ was the second largest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe. It was during this period that the company experienced its greatest racing successes. It began competing in the 250cc and 350cc classes of Grand Prix motorcycle road racing. In the 1969 CZ produced the technically advanced "Type-860" GP model with a 350 cc V4 engine. This advanced bike, with double overhead camshaft, 16 valves, 8-speed gearbox and Dell'Orto SSI carburetors, produced 63 horsepower. CZ proved to be much more successful with motocross and became well known for its powerful two-stroke off-road motorcycles. They were the first company to use expansion chambers in their exhaust pipes. During the 1960s, they would become the dominant force in off-road competition, winning seven Grand Prix Motocross World Championships and dominating the International Six Day Trial. CZ was purchased by Cagiva in 1993 but by 1997, motorcycle production ceased.