The mission of Moto Talbott is threefold: Education, Preservation, and Restoration.

Moto Talbott is different from other motorcycle and automotive museums in important ways. Founder Robb Talbott, a former art student, believes that “all things worthy of note were built with passion.”

Indeed, passion is evident in every motorcycle in the museum, and in Robb’s attitude toward the sport. A lifelong motorcyclist, Robb loves riding motorcycles, being around motorcycles, andenjoying them for their simple aesthetic value—as art objects.

The motorcycles you find at Moto Talbott don’t conform to any one genre. You’ll find bikes from 16 countries, spanning decades. There are pristine examples of iconic bikes, unrestored barn finds, and even the occasional chopper or minibike. You’ll also find artifacts from Robb’s rich family history in and around Carmel and the Old West, historic toys, and the occasional bicycle.

“My collection is nonconformist,” says Robb. “It’s not like other museums. I do things differently. I’m proud to be eclectic and contrarian. I wanted to create a place where passion is on display.”