Motobi was established in Pesaro, Italy in 1949, by Giuseppe Benelli. After a family disagreement in 1948, Giuseppe decided to go his own way. In 1953, Motobi introduced a 200cc horizontal two-stroke twin called the B200. Its innovative pressed steel frame and horizontal cylinder layout were to become the trademark for many future Motobi bikes. The B200 motor was soon nicknamed the "egg" for its distinctive shape. In 1955, the B200 was abandoned entirely, and two new models, both called "Catria" were introduced; One at 125cc and the other at 175cc. Both were four-stroke, four speed singles. These became the focus of Motobi. They developed the new Catria into a factory racer for the Italian semi-professional road racing (called MSDS for Moto Sportive Derivate dalla Serie).Soon the tough little motorbike was earning a reputation,riders called it the "power egg". In 1962, a move that would bring the family back together under the Gruppo Benelli-Motobi name, Benelli aquired Motobi. Many of the Motobis were exported to the United States badged as Benelli models.