Parillas were made in Milan starting in 1946 thru 1967. Started by Giovanni Parrilla (who dropped an “r” for the bike name), it was one of the all-new Postwar Italian designs. The first bike in 1947 was Corsa, with large brakes and a 250cc engine. By 1952, Parilla debuted their 175cc High Cam model, which would go on for the next 15 years. In 1957 Parilla won the 175 class in the Giro d’ Italia over 240 entrants. 1960 saw the engine size increase to 200cc then to 250. Even though the 250 sold well in the US and did well in racing, it wasn’t enough. The motorcycle production stopped in 1967 but the name carries on with their Parilla Kart engine sales.