The Rudge company began with bicycles in 1868 and made their first motorcycle in 1910.They remained in production until 1939 just as WW2 started. During that span the bikes were made in 250 and 500cc variants. The 1911, the 500 set speed records at Brooklands racetrack. The same year, the Multi model was introduced having variable gears similar to modern day scooters. By the 20s, they had changed over to a 4 speed gearbox and a 4 valve head. In 1928 the “Four” won the Ulster Grand Prix giving rise to the “Ulster” Rudge. This model continued on as a 250 and a 500. With its hemi head and radial valves, they took first and second place in the Isle of Man Lightweight TT in 1931. Unfortunately, racing was expensive and by the start of WW2, production had ceased.