Donnino Rumi began building motorcycles in Bergamo around 1949. Previously they were building looming machines. During WW2, he was constructing 2 man mini submarines and torpedoes. Post war, he needed to change. So, like many others, he turned to motorcycles. The first models were 125cc two stroke twins with horizontal cylinders .This was to become their trademark thru the years. The racing debut was in the 1951 ISDT. In 1952 they launched a sporting version that could do 70 plus MPH. By 1954 they had numerous road and racing models that could easily hit 100 MPH. At the same time, they produced the Formichino, or Little Ant, scooter. This became a best seller even winning the Bol ’d Or endurance race a few times. But by 1962 the company went into liquidation and Donnino returned to painting.