Scott motorcycles began in 1908 with a patented frame design that would carry thru to 1930. It also saw the beginning of the 330cc engine. After winning the Isle of Man Senior class in 1912 and 1913 they wanted more. Development of the three-speed Scott Flying Squirrel began in 1922 even as the company was in severe debt. Launched at the 1926 Earls Court motorcycle show, the Flying Squirrel was expensive - nearly twice the cost of a sporting four-stroke motorcycle of the time. They were powered by a water cooled 600cc two stroke motor which could propel them to about 70 MPH. The engine block was painted either green or red for racing or road respectively. In 1929 Scott achieved third place in the Isle of Man TT and launched a road going TT Replica Flying Squirrel along with a basic touring model. A three-cylinder prototype was made+ but Scotts lacked the resources and time to develop it and shortly after the end of World War II production ended.