Suzuki motorcycles started in 1951 in Hamamatsu after building silk looms since 1909. In 1952 the first bike was sold. It was a 36cc two stroke called the “Power Free”. In ’53, with displacement now at 60cc, the bike won its class at the Mount Fuji hill climb. And again, in 1954,but now with a 90cc four stroke single. During this time they also focused on making small commuter bikes. In the early ‘60s they made more than 500,000 of these. On the racing side, with help from East German rider Ernst Degner who defected in1961,Suzuki was able to get valuable insight to the rotary valve two stroke workings. From 1962 up until the ‘70s, Suzuki ruled the 50cc and 125 cc championships. On the street side, in 1962 Suzuki released the X6 Hustler, a 250cc two stroke twin and shortly after the T500 Titan.