Rare Hondas Shown at Vintage Flat Track Event


Our Vintage Flat Track Day March 18 included some historic Hondas, thanks to local enthusiast and collector Anthony Giammanco, who came in the company of friend and former Honda factory rider Jeff Haney. The rare No. 10 RS 600 seen here was ridden by AMA Hall of Fame rider and local resident Doug Chandler. It includes magnesium suspension parts and special, welded fins to enhance cooling on the single cylinder engine. Haney helped restore these and other bikes with Giammanco. “I was fortunate to be sponsored by Kenny Roberts when I was growing up,” says Haney. “I went on to race for Honda after that, where I was teammates with Freddie Spencer and Mickey Fay. I raced for Kenny in ’77 and ’78, and raced for Honda in ’79, ’80, and ’81 as a full factory rider.” Since Giammanco and Haney live nearby, they even gave museum founder Robb Talbott a flat track lesson. “He rode good!” says Haney. “We had a great time.”




The No. 3 bike is a V-twin RS 750.







Honda RS 600