1969 Kawasaki 500 H1 Mach III



Can’t you just see the blue smoke? The 1969 Kawasaki Mach III, a 500 cc two-stroke triple, was the fastest production motorcycle in the world for several years. Unfortunately, with 63 hp,  a 120-plus-mph top speed, and a dry weight of 370 pounds, it was too quick for its handling and brakes. Museum founder Robb Talbott purchased a White Mach III like this one from 


a soldier at Fort Carson, Colorado, late in 1969. Being a motocross racer, and with the wisdom of youth on his side, Robb thought he could handle the bike. After a “near death experience” and a 90-mph wheelie, he wisely sold his White “Kawi Rocket Ship” and returned to the comparatively safer motocross track.